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Early Design Consultation

The early bird gets the worm! Which is why we like to get involved right at the get go. We have lots of ideas here...and we'll put them to work for you.


The HPM engineering team brings years of experience to the table. If you have a question, we have an answer. Just ask us.

Project Management

We'll set you up with the right team member to ensure a successful turnout. No detail will be left undone.

Rapid Response

Whether it's replying to an email, submitting a quote, or producing parts, we're like Jimmy John's....FREAKY FAST! Our ability to communicate upfront with our customers speeds up the process. Getting you from A to Z as quickly as possible.


Need just one? We have a work cell for that. And we put our best people in those cells. It's so fast, it's almost criminal.


Need a few sample parts before we go into full production? We do that, too. Helping work out the kinks and saving money is our specialty.


Our sweet spot. And it shows with all the fire power we have inside these four walls.

Mechanical Assembly

HPM offers mechanical assembly up to any level a customer requires. We are UL certified and are able to create efficient work cells that are fluid. There is no job too big or too small.


Our 110,000 square foot facility allows us to stage projects and warehouse them so our customers don't have to. JIT, Kanban, WIP -- yep, we do that!

Fabricating - Stamping

With seven turrets and six lasers we are ready to take on all of your blanking projects!


Secondary ops don't come second around here. We have the capability to machine parts as well.


Talk about horsepower!! When have you seen 25 press brakes at one sheet metal supplier? Our Amada press brakes can handle any job with the largest bed size of 14' and 242 Tons of power. We also have two ATC press brakes that offer automated tool controls to greatly reduce the set up times on your parts.


HPM has helped countless customers turn their projects into cost savings with our ability to design for manufacturability during the prototype phase.


Need to test your product or share a sample with your customer? We'll make a few parts for you and be ready to make adjustments as needed.


Production is what keeps HPM humming. We run 2 shifts (20 hours a day) and we have 3 lasers that run 24/7/365. Whether your needs are 100 or 10,000...we have the capacity to take on your project.

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