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Aug. 12, 2018HPM has another perfect Compliancy Score

A special thanks goes out to Bob Bishop and his gang for this achievement. Through hard work and the desire to make sure that everything is in place and that "HPM does what it says it will do", Bob has established a system of checks and balances that assures HPM is always on course.

This 2-day audit was pulled off without a hitch and HPM received a perfect score... NO minors, NO majors.

Again, well done Bob and well done to all at HPM...

May. 9, 2017We have added a new Pressbrake

In our effort to continually stay on the leading edge of technology, HPM has added a new Pressbrake to our fleet of Pressbrakes.

This pressbrake has state of the art light curtain technology that not only assures that our operators are safe but adds speed to the process.

We will add shop floor images once the installation has been completed.

It is a great addition and we look forward to using it to better service your sheetmetal fabrication needs.

Mar. 30, 2017Todays Fun Fact

Many people, myself included, are fascinated with LARGE numbers.. so today I thought I would share a few BIG numbers.

The question of the day, and the topic of todays Fun Fact is this..

Not counting the Sun, which star is the closest to our planet Earth?

The answer is: Alpha Centauri..

It's part of a cluster of stars in that part of our Solar System..

So how far is it away (ps - here come the BIG numbers)?

In simple numbers it is 4.24 light years away.. not too far, right..


Jan. 26, 2017It's the Little Things

Grand gestures of appreciation are not things companies are able to do every day for their employees.  But we all know that sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.  Something as simple as putting water stations in the break room, or maybe changing up the radio station that plays overhead every once in a while to prevent boredom, or buying new and faster microwaves so folks don’t have to use up their entire lunch break waiting to heat up their food.  These are all things HPM has implemented recently as a result of reading suggestions from our ‘Comment Box.’ 

Jan. 19, 2017Hardware? We've Got You Covered.

At HPM, we are always making strides to increase productivity.  Our most recent effort was focused in our Hardware Installation department.  Three new Haeger Insertion Machines were added to our already expansive Haeger inventory.  We now have a total of 12 Haegers with four of them being mobile.

The 618 MSPe models have the multi-insertion Turret Insertion Systems (TIS).  This allows us the ability to create a "work cell" on one machine instead of needing two or more machines for one part.  According to our hardware supervisor, these new machines are very user friendly.