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Aug. 26, 2020Meeting Our Customer’s Needs and Understanding Their Expectations

What can we do for you? We understand the importance of developing relationships with our customers. We hear it from our customers.  Research shows that customer happiness is strongly related to the quality of a company’s engagement.  A 2019 SalesForce survey showed that 84 percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, and 73 percent expect a company to understand their needs and expectations.

Jul. 27, 2020Design for Manufacturing Reduces Cost While Maintaining Value

Designing a part is a complex process that can increase costs and create production delays. Form, fit, and function are essential design characteristics, but if the part can’t be manufactured with your current manufacturing processes, you may incur high costs to adapt processes or redesign the part. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) can help you to prevent this. DFM is a method of engineering a product with a focus on increasing manufacturing efficiency and reducing the overall part costs without compromising quality and performance.

Jun. 26, 2020Three Things to Look for When Choosing a Metal Fabricator

The cost of choosing the wrong metal fabricator is significantly higher than the unit price you are paying for your parts. Think about the last time you were faced with late deliveries or non-conforming products? The pain is real. The additional costs are real. If you are like most people, you are looking to develop a long-term relationship with your metal manufacturer. However, when you are no longer getting what you need from your metal manufacturer, it might be time to start looking for a new partner.

May. 2, 2020Blending Old Processes with Advanced Technology

Like any young boys, the Herold brothers Tim and Pat looked up to their dad. He owned a sheet metal business, and as soon as they were old enough to pull the starter cord, you could find them pushing a lawn mower around the grounds of Hansman Industries.

When they grew a little older, you could find them working in the company’s shipping department. And eventually, the brothers earned college degrees and put those degrees to work at their father’s company.

Aug. 12, 2018HPM has another perfect Compliancy Score

A special thanks goes out to Bob Bishop and his gang for this achievement. Through hard work and the desire to make sure that everything is in place and that "HPM does what it says it will do", Bob has established a system of checks and balances that assures HPM is always on course.

This 2-day audit was pulled off without a hitch and HPM received a perfect score... NO minors, NO majors.

Again, well done Bob and well done to all at HPM...