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Current Job Openings

At Herold Precision Metals, we take pride in what we do on behalf of our customers and the families of HPM. That is how we have managed to gain trust in our customers, our team members, and the families of HPM. If you share this trait, you are a team oriented individual, and like to work with a diverse group of motivated people, then we encourage you to join the HPM TEAM!

Press Brake Setup/Run

Shifts Available 

First, Second and Weekend Shifts

Turret Press Setup/Run

Shifts Available 

First, Second, and Weekend

Work with Us!

Pay and Benefits

• Above market hourly pay
• Overtime available
• Competitive health, dental, vision, disability and live benefits package
• Matching 401k contributions
• $3 per hour premium for 2nd shift
• Annual performance review and merit increases


• Family owned and managed
• Owners are involved in the daily business
• Monthly, all-employee meetings with lunch
• Weekly GEMBA walks through
the factory
• Employee of the month program - peer nominated
• Wellness committee - multiple annual events
• Annual off-site holiday party

Incentives and Career Growth

• No sheetmetal knowledge needed for entry level jobs.
• All open jobs are posted in the factory
• Flexibility between bid jobs and assignment to new jobs


• Industry-leading low injury rate
• Employee run Safety committee
• Huge investment in new capital equipment
• Clean, quiet with excellent lighting
• Air conditioned shop in hot summer months
• Excellent departmental leadership


• Excellent in-house training programs
• Cross training into other departments with higher pay
• Earn a life-long trade. With no tuition expenses
• HPM blueprint reading class

Life Style

• Vacation time increases with years of employment
• Paid Holidays
• 1 personal floating holiday
• Maternity and paternity leave
• Designated on-sie smoking area
• First Shift: Monday-Thursday 6am - 4:30pm
• Second Shift: Monday - Thursday 4pm - 2:30am
• Weekend Shift: Friday - Sunday 6am to 6:30pm
• Weekend Shift works 36 hours and is paid for 40
• We offer start time flexibility


• Our strong suit. Quality is our currency.
• ISO-9001:2015 Certified
• Third party audit every six months
• State-of-the-Art Quality Lab