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Aug. 26, 2020Meeting Our Customer’s Needs and Understanding Their Expectations

What can we do for you? We understand the importance of developing relationships with our customers. We hear it from our customers.  Research shows that customer happiness is strongly related to the quality of a company’s engagement.  A 2019 SalesForce survey showed that 84 percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, and 73 percent expect a company to understand their needs and expectations.

How We Do It

We provide an exceptional experience and understand our customer expectations. We build long-term partnerships with our customers. We develop an intimate knowledge of our customers and their business needs. Not only are our employees engaged in the customer experience, but our customers also take an active part in the relationship, which helps us to serve them better.

Communication is Critical

Communication is the most critical aspect of our customer partnerships. We frequently communicate with our customers. Communication doesn’t mean we are just speaking to our customers.  It means we are listening to them to understand better what they need.

Fast Response Time

No matter how communicative we are, if we aren’t getting you what you need when you need it, we aren’t doing you any favors. Slow response times can disrupt your schedules and cost you money. We pride ourselves on our fast response times. Whether it’s replying to an email, submitting a quote, or producing parts, we are doing it quickly. Quotes are reviewed right away to make sure there is indeed a fit, and we can help. When outside processing is needed, it is done right away to get pricing back sooner rather than later.

Engaged Team Pulls it Together

Account Manager

Each account assigned an account manager, who will reach out via phone or email and see what you are truly looking for. We understand that projects and parts can get technical, and there can be a lot of little things that happen in each account. Having one person to speak with helps mitigate communication issues. Building a relationship between the account manager and customer keeps our finger on the pulse of the customer’s needs.


Our engineering team will get involved with the process as soon as possible – the sooner, the better. We want to be part of the process. By getting involved early, we can provide assistance and guidance to ensure that the project will run smoothly. Our engineers bring years of experience to the table and provide many ideas. If you have any questions, our engineers are happy to assist.

Customer Engagement

We want you to be involved. We invite your buyers, engineers, and anyone else involved to visit our facility. We invite you to visit before we quote your project, so you understand our capabilities and equipment. During the engineering phase, we invite you to meet with our engineers and visit the areas of the shop pertinent to the processes we are doing for you. We have an open-door policy so you can visit us at any time.     

Let’s Start a Conversation

When you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen. Tell us about your sheet metal challenges and let us help you find a solution. Contact us today!

What can we do for you?