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Jan. 12, 2021HPM Invests in Salvagnini Panel Bender to Better Service Customers

Last year was a challenging year for many manufacturers once the pandemic hit.  Understandably, many companies disrupted their capital expenditure plans to conserve cash and contain costs.  However, at HPM, to keep providing the best service possible to our customers, who were experiencing challenges of their own, we needed to continue operating in the manner our customers have come to appreciate.  

Continuous Investment in New Technology

One of our differentiators is our continuous investment in new technology.  So, while others are holding back, we made the bold decision to move forward and purchase a Salvagnini P4lean panel bender, which will be installed in March 2021. This purchase comes on the heels of our recent Zeiss CONTURA CMM purchase.

After looking at four different companies, we chose the Salvagnini brand because it is the pioneer of automated panel bending and its features, support, service, and technology are superior to others.

Leading Edge Technology Provides High Precision Parts for Our Customers

This new panel bender will allow us to bend larger panels and form complex parts with even greater accuracy, opening up product opportunities for our customers. The automation will allow us to produce parts up to 600% faster than using a traditional press brake.

Extremely complex parts can be formed in a single setup with universal tooling that adjusts automatically from bend to bend and part to part. Once blanks are presented to the press brake, the computer-controlled system automatically adjusts the tool's length according to the size of the part to be produced without machine down-time or manual retooling.

This intelligent bender relies on sensors, formulas, and algorithms to measure the blank thickness and size, detect temperature-related deformities, define the correct bending force, and optimize bending parameters. The Salvagnini minimizes waste, reduces set up, and guarantees a precise, high-quality product that meets our customers' requirements.

Contact Us With Your Next Panel Bending Project

Our continual investment in new equipment demonstrates our commitment to providing you with high-quality products. With customer needs in mind, our Account Management, Design Engineering, and Customer Service excel at rapid prototyping, quick turn production, and customer service excellence. We have the right team, world-class equipment, and the right attitude to get the job done. Contact us to learn more.