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Sep. 24, 2020Managed Inventory Allows You to Focus on What’s Important

Excess inventory doesn’t just take up warehouse space; it costs you time and money. When you focus on late product shipments or how to free up space for your production, you are taking the focus away from growing your business.  HPM Inventory management and just-in-time delivery allow you to put your focus back where it belongs.

Whether we inventory your parts or you inventory them, our system works to ensure you always have parts when you need them, and you don’t run out of stock , wait  on delayed shipments, or have to stock excess inventory in your warehouse. We work with your lean initiatives or KanBan programs, allowing you to have the minimum amount of inventory on hand.

We pay close attention to your inventory requirements and usage. Since we have intimate knowledge or your ordering pattern, we can alert you when we notice a spike or decline so that you can let us know how we should adjust to the fluctuations.

Our system can be set up with a P.O. for a specific number of pieces drawn from periodically or with a blanket P.O. that replenishes parts as needed. We tailor our process to our customer’s your needs. With a 110,000 square foot facility containing 450 stocking locations, we have plenty of room to hold your inventory.

Managed inventory allows you to:

  • Take advantage of volume pricing
  • Increase productivity in your day-to-day operations
  • Avoid out of stocks
  • Respond better to spikes in order patterns
  • Avoid delayed shipments
  • Free-up warehouse space to be used for revenue-generating activities

Are you interested in our managed inventory program for sheet metal parts we manufacture for you? Contact us to learn how to get started.