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Oct. 11, 2016October Town Hall Meeting

The first Thursday of every month, the entire HPM team gathers in the lunchroom for 30 minutes for a Town Hall style of meeting.  HPM President Tim Herold takes his place front and center to share company news.  We discuss everything from Total Shipments, to Facility Improvements, New Customers loaded, all from the previous month.  Also added are the upcoming opportunities that are coming for the current month.  This helps give the folks in the shop a better understanding of how the company is doing, where the work is coming from, and how busy we were and will be.

Oct. 3, 2016HPM's Employee of the Month

Congratulations to HPM's Employee of the Month for September - Robert!  Robert has been working at HPM for 11 years.  Although his exact title is Press Brake Operator and Machine Maintenance, Robert does a lot more than that.  In fact if you want to locate Robert in the shop, you have to ask the shop supervisor 'Where is Robert today?'  Maybe at a press brake, maybe in the turret room, or maybe even in hardware.  One of the reason's Robert was chosen for the EOM (according to one of the nomination forms) is that he "will go to what ever department that is asked of him with no complaints." 

Sep. 27, 2016Welcome Ue Vang

New Assembly Manager spreading good cheer and good knowledge


Just six weeks ago, Ue Vang joined the HPM team as it's new Assembly Manager. This position was the responsibility of our Operations Manager, but with the growth of our assembly division we needed more hands on deck. Ue comes to HPM from a circuit board and chemical plating operation as a lead team member. He is excited about the work he will be able to do here at HPM.

Aug. 10, 2016LET THERE BE LIGHT!

In precision sheet metal fabrication, it is important that you can SEE your work at the appropriate level of detail and clarity. HPM just completed a "Wall-to-Wall" lighting upgrade at our White Bear Township facility. "The previous lights had come to the end of their useful life," said HPM CFO Steve R. "We were able to take advantage of the latest in LED lighting technology which also provides significant energy usage savings."

Jul. 27, 2016School is NOT out for summer!

At HPM, we believe in continuous improvement in everything we do. Which is why 12 years ago, we began offering Blueprint Reading classes to our employees.
Going on right now at HPM, we have 8 employees that meet once a week under the tutelage of one of our veteran account managers to learn the basics of Blueprint Reading. According to Craig, the class instructor, the biggest benefits that are gained by our staff during this class are:
1. How to visualize the part to be made.

Jul. 8, 2016Higher from within

Everybody loves a good success story, and at HPM, we create ours every day. Whether it's meeting a customer's deadline, designing for manufacturability to save our customers money, or passing the ISO certification with zero majors or minors, we put our all into everything we do.

Jul. 1, 2016Welcome to our new website

It's been a long road but our new website is up and running. Please take a few moments and check it out. We tried to make it cleaner, easier to follow, and yet provide to you a taste for what HPM is all about... not just some machines and a building... it's all about the people working here and what they are capable of doing for you. We welcome your input and hope you enjoy what you see.. My name is Sharleen and I will be your host through this journey. Thank you, I look forward to making your acquaintance.