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Oct. 11, 2016October Town Hall Meeting

The first Thursday of every month, the entire HPM team gathers in the lunchroom for 30 minutes for a Town Hall style of meeting.  HPM President Tim Herold takes his place front and center to share company news.  We discuss everything from Total Shipments, to Facility Improvements, New Customers loaded, all from the previous month.  Also added are the upcoming opportunities that are coming for the current month.  This helps give the folks in the shop a better understanding of how the company is doing, where the work is coming from, and how busy we were and will be.

When we are able to arrange it, the meeting will start out with a guest speaker.  Each month we invite our customers to come and talk about the importance of the relationships we have with each other.  So, we get to hear first hand how our work impacts our customers FROM THE CUSTOMER.

Fun facts that we also mention are birthdays and HPM work anniversaries for the month.  We have a 'People In the News' section where we can introduce new employees.  Our Wellness Committee reports on comments we received from our comment box and who is this month's Employee of the Month.

Communication is key -- from business to personal and everything in between.  Our Town Hall meetings allow a platform for folks to hear, and ask questions, regarding the state of affairs.

If you are an HPM customer and would be interested in being our next Guest Speaker, please give us a call.  We'd love to have you!