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Sep. 27, 2016Welcome Ue Vang

New Assembly Manager spreading good cheer and good knowledge


Just six weeks ago, Ue Vang joined the HPM team as it's new Assembly Manager. This position was the responsibility of our Operations Manager, but with the growth of our assembly division we needed more hands on deck. Ue comes to HPM from a circuit board and chemical plating operation as a lead team member. He is excited about the work he will be able to do here at HPM.

"My favorite part of this job is the constantly changing environment," says Ue. "There are continuously new projects daily.  I enjoy strategizing about how the department can run efficiently with the constant changes, while also keeping quality and timelines in tact."

This role is a little bit less hands on from previous roles and Ue likes that. "It gives me the opportunity to use what I have learned and give that knowledge back to the personnel on the team. I've been there, so I know what they are dealing with and can relate to it. It helps them become better at their jobs."

HPM is very enthusiastic about the positive approach Ue brings to the team and we are looking forward to the results it will bring along with it.

If you are a current customer with a project going through our shop and have not had the opportunity to meet Ue, please stop and say hello to him if you are in the shop! You can also reach out to Ue at