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Mar. 30, 2017Todays Fun Fact

Many people, myself included, are fascinated with LARGE numbers.. so today I thought I would share a few BIG numbers.

The question of the day, and the topic of todays Fun Fact is this..

Not counting the Sun, which star is the closest to our planet Earth?

The answer is: Alpha Centauri..

It's part of a cluster of stars in that part of our Solar System..

So how far is it away (ps - here come the BIG numbers)?

In simple numbers it is 4.24 light years away.. not too far, right..


Well, here come the numbers...

How far is a light year:

The answer is.... 5,865,700,000,000 miles..

Yes, that is 5.8657 TRILLION miles..

So, simple math, Alpha Centauri is approximately 24,870,600,000,000 miles from earth.. HOLY COW!!

In space, the Space Shuttle travels at a speed of say 25,000 mph, based on that, it would take a shuttle crew 118,296,000 YEARS to reach that star..

Better pack for the long haul.. LOL

Happy numbers :-)

Have a great day from the crew at Fun Facts..


BTW... In case you were curious....

How far away is the farthest star that can be seen with the naked eye???

That star is named Deneb and is an amazing 1550 light years away from earth...

That is 2,075,000,000,000,000 miles... or in other words... you're going to need a new Space Shuttle to get there!!!!