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Jan. 26, 2017It's the Little Things

Grand gestures of appreciation are not things companies are able to do every day for their employees.  But we all know that sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.  Something as simple as putting water stations in the break room, or maybe changing up the radio station that plays overhead every once in a while to prevent boredom, or buying new and faster microwaves so folks don’t have to use up their entire lunch break waiting to heat up their food.  These are all things HPM has implemented recently as a result of reading suggestions from our ‘Comment Box.’ 

One thing HPM has been doing for a long time is celebrating employee birthdays.  It’s a nice way of saying, “Hey, we appreciate you.”  That can go a long way. 

There are many ways companies can ignite the fire in their employees without spending lots of money.  What is your favorite idea?  We’d love to hear it.  Maybe it’s something we can do, too!  Give us a call or email us.